Health and fitness are the keys to living a life in balance. When we energize and strengthen our bodies we enhance the clarity of our minds; we positively impact our personal and professional lives.

Personal Training may be exactly what you're looking for, whether you want to tone your muscles, lose weight, increase your cardio-vascular health, improve agility, add strength, or improve your body composition.

This is a full focused training session designed and created for your specific needs, health and fitness goals - created to motivate, educate and guide you toward your personal best.

With the encouragement, variety, dedication and support toward your progam; a personal trainer can safely heighten your fitness to a new level.

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Below are forms which will help Lisa determine the correct program to help you attain your health goals. Just click on the form, print it out, and fill out for your next consultation or class.

  • 1 session $65
  • 5 sessions $320
  • 10 sessions $630
  • 20 sessions $1200