Lisa can give you the encouragement to reach your potential with scheduled sessions to keep you commited. As your strengths and goals change so does your program, advancing with current training to meet these changes.

  • Bootcamp: Combining the love of the outdoors and the beauty of our Deep Cove surroundings, Lisa has created this functional exercise class. Add strength, stability and agility to your core muscles, increase cardiovascular health, tone, sculpt and improve body composition. Each class will feature different plans using swiss balls, bosu balls, tubing, free weights, medicine balls and more. Working with a group of friendly people, this may be the best way to have fun and stay fit at the same time.
  • Personal training: A full focused training session designed and created for your specific needs, health and fitness goals - created to motivate, educate and guide you toward your personal best.
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  • Post Injury recovery: Strengthen, stretch or align your body to a better state by creating a program that deals with post-rehabilitation of an injury.
  • Pilates: Through focusing on body alignment, breath, coordination and strength, this small group mat class results in developing a balanced body. Flowing through the classical Pilates exercises you will leave feeling increased core strength with a refreshed and renewed awareness.
  • Office wellness programs: Simple ways to positively impact your health through proper alignment in your work environment. Awareness of postural habits, knowing how to bring your body into better alignment and maintaining with muscular support help de-stress, creating a happy work space.
  • Pre-natal and post-natal classes: Specifically designed to meet the needs of exercising mothers; exercising before, during and after pregnancy has beneficial effects on both mother and baby!
  • In home set-up and training: Lisa can help you use your own space; work or home with a program that suites your schedule and needs.

Personal training is a complete program which may be ideal for you, to read a complete description

Personal Training

  • outdoor group fitness bootcamp
  • one-on-one personal training
  • personal training with a partner
  • in home set-up and training
  • office wellness programs
  • pilates classes
  • post injury recovery
  • pre-natal & post-natal health

Bootcamp and Pilates classes run from
September - December, January - March,
and April - June.

Class rates are as follows: