Become inspired to take charge of your health! Floe Fitness has a variety of training options to assist you in reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals. Whether you are striving for sport specific strength and tone, enhanced flexibility, increased core awareness or simply achieving fitness for health, there is a program that is right for you.

Lisa Floe is a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer with many specializations in
post-injury rehabilitation and spinal health. Read more about Lisa.

Realize your goals! Choose a training option that works for you; from focused one on one or partner Personal Training, small group Pilates mat classes, utilize the beauty of your environment with outdoor training in a Bootcamp class or bring your workout home with a full set-up and training program. View our training options.

As a personal fitness trainer, Lisa believes that fitness can be personalized
to suit any body at any stage of life. Through education, motivation and support,
Lisa's aim is to create enjoyable and challenging programs that help her clients reach their physical potential. Read more about personal training.

Floe Fitness
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  • motivation and encouragement
  • personalized training program
  • safety and guidance
  • variety and efficiency
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